If You Smell Like Desert They Will Flirt, Uomo Ferragamo.

Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Cologne

A gourmand and woody accords. Introduced in 2016, this fragrance is wonderful for a man who loves luxury, culture and refinement. The fragrance opens with spicy notes of sharp black pepper, warm cardamom and crisp bergamot than you have orange blossom and ambrosian, finishing with a cashmere woody sandalwood Tonka. 

Were Talking Serious Longevity here.

8 to ten hours.  The Presentation is tight too.  Projection is Medium

This is definitely a Fall/Winter Scent. Smoot and Sweet, like a sweet coffee with creme topped by a Tonka bean.

Dont be scared of the word Sweet in this. ITS MASCULINE SWEET.

The Tiramasu comes out its like a buttery pecan pie in my head..

The aromatic elements keep it from being one of those one dimensional gourmands.

Probably from the Cardamon.

Elaborate Opening bergamot coffee marshmallow cardoon fading away after 20minutes into the ambrosian.

Heaven Sex, Love delicious Happy Warm are some of the feelings. Coffee Cake Smells Good. Stop eating the cake and get more cake at home.

“If You smell Like Desert, The Ladies Will Flirt”

Reminds you of a great high end Italian bakery in a bar of a luxury hotel when you smell the fancy deserts and the coffees. Sweet but not like the one million.