Armani Code Cashmere

Armani Code Cashmere 2017 Sexiest Date Night Perfume

Incredible, A mix of Florals

Satin has been discontinued but this one is even better

Jasmine and Almond and Sweet and Sexy as Hell. So Good.

Top Notes of Orange Blossom, and Jasmine

Heart Notes is Almonds, Iris and Heliotrop

Base Is Sude, leather and Patchouli 

I smell delicious vanila almond leathery scent.

They say Recommended for Fall and Winter Night Wear or Date Night or Business Settings.

But I say because of the Orange Blossom you can wear this in the Las Vegas Heat if you wanted to. In other words All Year All Climate.

You have the original Armani Code Dna mixed with pralines accord,

Very Velvety very smooth. Not Piercing, not loud

Very Inviting Very cozy and comfortable

Light and airy and a pleasure to feel on your skin

You know its elegant but comfy. Such Irony. The “experience” you get while wearing this makes you feel like cuddling with a blanket and your partner.

You are not shouting for attention. Spray on more for a longer lasting day. Or just less for daytime.

Words to Describe: Yummy, Sweet, Creamy, Cozy, Sexy, White Florals, Almondy. Gourmand Spice.

Makes You Feel Confident, Sedictve, Sexy, elegant

So longevity is 9 plus Hours on most skins

Projection medium for the first 3 hours 

Silage is an easy six

 Age Group can go 22years and up

Ok to Blind Buy you will eventually fall in love with it the combo of heliotrope and Vanilla somewhere in this is amazing.