Top 3 Best Rihanna Perfume

Top 3 Best Rihanna Perfume Best Performance She Has

Ri Ri(2015)

     Ri Ri is an exciting women’s fragrance . With top notes of Italian mandarin, passion fruit, black currant and rum absolute, this perfume has an intoxicating, exotic flair that is reminiscent of the Caribbean. Heart notes of orange blossom, pink freesia, jasmine and Japanese honey suckle give this fragrance a soft, feminine aroma.  The bottom notes are a vanilla woods combo which are to die for. Delicious.

As far as celeb scents go, she puts out the best. Look at the bottle its so heavy and unique.

Its opening is super sweet with a detectable rum note. than it dries down to Think about a Vanilla Rum. A boozy, citrus floral vanilla. 

The Drydown is mostly musky canallia and soft flors in a creamy base.

Now that the prices Dropped! This is one to get! Great Value. 4 hours on my skin but some other women claim they had 8 hours!

Sweet Vanilla Fruity LifSavers StrawBerry And Cream Flavored Candy. These are the words that come to my head.

Or you may want to bathe in it. Its carefree happy and Summery.

Ri Ri Kiss(2017)

An enchanting floral perfume for women . It has expressive notes combined together to give you a magical and satisfying experience. A terrific scent for dating or for girls night out. The uplifting juicy start to the scent is joined by a sophisticated bouquet of flowers to be admired. The top notes are neroli, freesia and plum. The heart notes are orange blossom, gardenia and asian peony. 

Just like it says its just a Kiss

Not a powerhouse like the first one.

Again this one starts out with a fruity blast with hints of Plum.

Than a white floral and finally a very sexy woodsy musky vanilla 

Kind of Juicy Couture Vibe Viva La Juicy Regular

Words That Come to Mind: Delicious, Sweet, Flowery, Butter Creamy, Soft Sexyness.

Ri Ri Crush(2016)

It is a very sexy oriental floral perfume. An exciting blend of notes bring you this rewarding and sensual scent. Full of spirit and happiness, sure to bring a smile to your fact. The refreshing start to this fragrance has a little spice to give it a little punch. As it settles in the seductive notes come to life. A great date night choice.

top notes are bergamot, pink pepper and mandarin orange. The heart notes are ylang ylang, sour red berries and pink rose. The finishing notes are patchouli, musk and cedar wood. 

Saved the best for last.

This has the best performance for sure.

At 6-7 hours strong and easy if not more.


Girly & Sexy

Clean Light Powdery Citrus Y Smell

Warmth from the Ylang Ylang.

Wear it all year round, all ages, work 

No we are not a serious fragrance,fragrance, we are fun and flirty for all occasions.  Dates, Gym, Gardening, Dress, up, Dolled Up, Casual Doll Up , sweats, Target, whenever you want to feel sweet and sexy.

Changes from the beginning to the end for sure on this one.

Top three best amazing fragrances for women 

Best Ever Celebrity Fragrance for Women.

Gorgeous yet intense and cheerful. Perfume Kiss Crush