Best Gardenia Fragrance

Chantecaille Petales 2010 $250
The ode to gardenia and white petals like jasmine and tuberose blending with woody and musky notes.

Soft, lovely perfect floral Gardenia Scent. Great for white floral Lovers. Seems like a perfect wedding day scent

If your like me and on the search for the perfect gardenia, look no further this is the best Gardenia ever Meade perfume. From the beginning it is Etheral and elegant. Its Perfection. Your Search is finally over.

Very Creamy and Romantic. The dry down is amazing. The quality is off the charts.

Knock you off your rocker Gardenia Scent.

One thing that is amazing is that its super long lasting and lasts till the next day or next shower, but, all this without being overpowering.

This is a rare gems. Its so realistic it resemble the actual blossoms of the flowers listed in its notes. Its like a Virtual Reality of a white Floral Fragrance. So Real.