How To Find Your Signature Scent

HOW TO Find Your Signature Scent 

Fragrance Criteria:  

There are so many options in todays market for you to find a new signature scent.

Your Image is all the nonverbal communication you do In the first ten seconds of meeting someone whether in your daily errands or in important meetings. 

The way you dress, stand, body language and of course the way you smell.

For those of you who are new, you should probably try ten of them. Than narrow it down. Some say to only try 3 to 5, however I say ten, because lets be serious there are so many fragrances available these days.

I like to SWITCH it up for my outfit. Different Days Different Moods. Different times in my life.

Take a fragrance for a test drive, one squirt or two. Figure out how long this lasts and its projection and.  You have to wear it for a week. 

Your Age

Your LifeStyle

Your Daily Activities

Your Personality

Give it time let it settle the top notes last only 20 minutes

They Grow On you


What time of year is it, Summer, or Winter? Fall or Spring?

Whats your mood, are you happy, gloomy, excited, standard.

Fragrance is nostalgic, are you wearing 80s clothing or retro sneakers this day?

Spray on your skin, see how it makes you feel, how long it lasts, how strong it is on your skin.

try to only smell 3 to 5(i say ten), only test out five at the most when shopping for your signature scent.

Some times you purchase just because of package or bottle

How do you neutral your scent. Not Coffee

Bury your nose in your elbow or clothing it works much better. Or, go outside into the fresh air.

How do you know what scent you like?  Do you like Strong, or Soft? Light or Spicy, Fruity? Woody? Aquatic? Floral? a mixture of any of these?

Do you like Fruits or florals or 

Sea and oceans notes

Warm and Spicy

Or Earthy Tones

Why does it even matter?  Its Just a fragrance.  Because,

Its a hidden accessory

It becomes a part of who you are.

If you question it, maybe, maybe its not for you, with me I am questioning the new Lucky by Paco but im getting so comfortable with it.

To finalize, try out your new fragrance for ten minutes try it on for two days in a row after you purchase it, even try it on for five days in a row, than you will know if this can be a signature fragrance. If you can not stand to wear it more than three days in a row, forget about it.


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