Gucci Guilty Absolut

gucci guilty absolute pour femme Pour Femme Your tester, body oil, 90ml, 50ml, 30ml, gift set, Sephora, Free Samples, Opinie, Opinion, Review, EDP, Chemist , eau de Parfum, Perfumnista, Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Femme (for women 2018) ROMANCE in a BOTTLE Its blackberry note makes you dream upon it and its magical and connected to nature as well as to evoking emotion. The second you spray this on. This is what it will smell […]

Abercrombie Fitch First Instinct Cologne

Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct 2016 First Instinct Abercrombie Fitch First Instinct Abercrombie Reactions First Instinct Abercrombie &Fitch First Instinct Abercrombie Fitch reaction The creator wanted to design a Fougere with oriental warmth. His exact words were I wanted to create a fragrance which Balances fresh elements of a Fougere and the warmth of an oriental. The top notes are Gin and Tonic with Melon But it’s not your typical melon It’s a Melon that […]

Best Gardenia Fragrance

Chantecaille Petales 2010 $250 The ode to gardenia and white petals like jasmine and tuberose blending with woody and musky notes. Soft, lovely perfect floral Gardenia Scent. Great for white floral Lovers. Seems like a perfect wedding day scent If your like me and on the search for the perfect gardenia, look no further this is the best Gardenia ever Meade perfume. From the beginning it is Etheral and elegant. Its Perfection. Your Search is […]

Tiffany is not Just Diamonds anymore.


Tiffany perfume 2.5 ounce what a powerful light musk Mandarin orange bergamot  Lemon,  Iris, black Curant peach,  rose,  Patchouli and musk It’s a citrus floral types sent with a synthetic musk background You getting five hours longevity lots of compliments I would not recommend a blind by but those who like Chanel type DNA such is Gabriel may like this It’s called Tiffany from the makers of the worlds most rarest jewelers in the world […]