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Azzaro Wanted Mens Cologne in High Demand Audacious Fragrance Review

  AZZAROS WANTED MENS COLOGNE Azzaro Wanted in High Demand Audacious Cologne Fragrance Reaction Review A spicy woods fresh scent for men by Azzaro, who were the makers of the hall of fame Chrome Cologne. With such modern ingredients as Ginger, Lavender, mint, imported from Guatemala, bergamot, which bergamot is a plant that produces a citrus fruit. Bergamot oils are used in aroma therapy to reduce anxiety. Also used in foods for flavoring like lemon […]

15 Best Womens Perfumes Under $20 Designer Fragrances 2018

15 Designer Fragrances For Women under $20  1 Eau De Iceberg W(2010).  Many fragrances and brand companies have been flexing the year that they arrived to the United States which in this case it was 1974, and this is written along the side of the bottle. Rich, Juicy Florals.  Like Warm Winds right before night falls, or bright sunsets in the final few days of Summer.  Aromas of Red Oranges, pineapples, pears and bouquets of […]

BEST BYREDO Fragrance Review Haul | Velvet Haze | Super Cedar | 8 Bottles

In this Video/Blog we will talk about 8 different bottles of the Niche House With Such titles as Byredo Gypsy Water, Super Cedar, Gypsy Water To Name a Few We will ask: Why are they so expensive? How Old they are? Which one is Best for you? Which one is The most complimented one And some other Money Saving Tips on Where To Buy Them So stay Tuned and watch or readL BYREDO was founded […]

Ariana Grande God she made perfumes here are the top best 3

Ariana Grande Perfume is Sweet Like Candy Released in 2016, with the light pink puffy pom pom on the bottle. With Berries, but they are sugar frosted black berries, candies and vanilla. The heart has some bergamot in it along with some syrupy cassis or creme de cassis which is a sweet dark red liqueur made from black currants and lots of cocktails are made with. This gives it a rich layered dark berry balance […]