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Abercrombie Fitch First Instinct Cologne

Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct 2016 First Instinct Abercrombie Fitch First Instinct Abercrombie Reactions First Instinct Abercrombie &Fitch First Instinct Abercrombie Fitch reaction The creator wanted to design a Fougere with oriental warmth. His exact words were I wanted to create a fragrance which Balances fresh elements of a Fougere and the warmth of an oriental. The top notes are Gin and Tonic with Melon But it’s not your typical melon It’s a Melon that […]

15 Best Womens Perfumes Under $20 Designer Fragrances 2018

15 Designer Fragrances For Women under $20  1 Eau De Iceberg W(2010).  Many fragrances and brand companies have been flexing the year that they arrived to the United States which in this case it was 1974, and this is written along the side of the bottle. Rich, Juicy Florals.  Like Warm Winds right before night falls, or bright sunsets in the final few days of Summer.  Aromas of Red Oranges, pineapples, pears and bouquets of […]

Top 3 Gucci Guilty Perfumes for Women Intense, Black, Gucci Gucci Gang

Gucci Guilty Black Perfume By GUCCI FOR WOMEN

Gucci Guilty Gucci Guilty Intense, Gucci Guilty Black Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gang 1 Gucci Guilty (Sep 2010) Mandarin, Pink Pepper, patchouli and amber,  If you live in a hot climate, this one is not one for extremely hot or humid situations.  So when its 100d outside, do not chose this fragrance. Right from first spray this opening is stunning, and awesome.  A little smidgen of powder. You can really pick up the pink […]

Top 15 Cheap Womens Summer Fragrances 2018

Top 15 Cheap Womens Summer Fragrances 2018 Burberry Body(2011) Released in 150 countries all over the world. A luxury Chypre. A citrus perfume derived from animal oak moss base. Absinthe, peach, roses, iris. In the base we have Sandalwood, cashmere Musk, amber and MMM…Vanilla. My Fave.  One of my all time favorites ever made. Body. Flowery, Sweet, yet sophisticated soft scent, With Peaches and savory notes..MMMM..Delicious. I Rate it a #9! 2). Daisy Dream By […]

TOP 20 Womens Fragrances Under $20

1. BCBG MAXARZARA BONGERE $19 (2013 released) Litchi, red berries, black pepper & Bergamot. Jasmine Tuberose, Tiger Orchids, Black Vanilla. Mixed together, the ingredients fully accentuate the berries inside making it a beautiful scent. Bold, Oriental, Floral. 2. BeBe Desire (2013) $17 Frangipini, pink pepper, Pink Peony, Florals and woods, musk. Moderately lasting. Four hours well. 3. BeBeGlam $19(2015) Floral aroma, exotic Fruits and woods including Lilly of the valley, Iris and Violets. It has […]